Exploring America #FindYourPark

I have always wanted to get a camper van and explore the amazing national parks we have in our own backyard in America. Most people aren’t able to take long road trips until after retirement because they have a job, a family, and a house, etc. They save up money to go on a vacation to Paris or Costa Rica, but a lot of people haven’t even experienced some of the treasures we have at home. I spent the past year abroad in Thailand and met several travelers that commented on the natural beauty of America. I came back from Thailand for a potential job that didn’t end up working out. So I decided to take advantage of my situation: no job, no apartment, not knowing where to go next, and just go on a “freedom journey” while I consider my options.

However, I wanted this journey to have a bigger purpose. Huge cuts have been made in the funding for America’s parks, public lands, wildlife, and water resources which will also directly affect local businesses and communities. My goal is to share with others some of the amazing places to visit in our country and bring awareness to the need for conservation of our national parks. I plan to visit as many sites as possible as time and funding will allow. 50% of every donation on this site will be given to the National Park Foundation. So let’s get outdoors and #FindYourPark.

You can help me achieve this by making a donation – however small to my gofundme page

exploring AMERICA with Courtney & Kuma

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Man it’s hot here. Really hot & humid. Yes I’m from Miami where the summers can be brutally hot, but there’s one major difference… Air Conditioning. Most places in Thailand, and Southeast Asia in general, use only a fan to cool the room. Not to mention we arrived during the hottest month and there was…


Nana Ice Cream

This is by far one of my favorite treats. A simple healthy replacement for regular ice cream that everyone will love. Try adding other fresh frozen fruit, peanut butter, nutella, almond toppings, granola, the possibilities are endless. Being able to eat ice cream guilt-free for breakfast, now that’s amazing!